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I’m marked because most couriers don’t ring the doorbell when they deliver groceries to me! I understand that they usually send a phone notification for delivery, however I’m not the type to keep my cell phone in my hand all the time! My life does not revolve around my cell phone! When I’m cooking, doing laundry, or doing other housework, I’m too busy to pay attention to my phone! It only takes me a second to ring the doorbell to bring my groceries before they melt!

I’m marked that the people who don’t bother to drive properly, obey the rules, or don’t talk on the phone will complain that the road design is wrong, not themselves. Again, the law should remind them, but it doesn’t. The rules of the road are supposed to protect us from bad drivers, but they can’t without enforcement. What happened to the Distracted Driving Act that was so heavily promoted by the media and then forgotten?

I went with the perfect solution to the extremely annoying and persistent flight delays and cruise ship issues that thousands of travelers face. Don’t fly or cruise! Problem solved!

I’m marked on dirty bikes! I think it’s narcissistic and inconsiderate to ride a motorcycle off-road in a rented apartment complex! Noisy bike bothers neighbors! A ride on a dirt bike between two-story houses wakes up the dormant elderly and sick people with disabilities! If you don’t have your own land to ride a noisy bike on, you shouldn’t own it, unless you have a pickup truck that you can ride off-road! Respect your neighbors!

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I want thank the City of Winter Garden for its recent Slow Down Winter Garden campaign, especially for installing speed bumps on Crest Avenue, North Lakeview Avenue and West Division Street. As a daily morning walker in the area, I can attest that this has had an impact and I now feel much safer crossing Cross/Lakeview in Newton Park, which has sometimes felt life threatening in the past. Thanks VG!

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