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I’m marked From the fact that the radiology office called and asked me to bring my mother early, because the radiologist left home early. They said that if I don’t bring her early, we can only do an MRI, but the X-ray will have to be rescheduled for another day. I assumed they would do the MRI earlier instead of making us wait over an hour after the x-ray for her MRI appointment! Instead, my 81-year-old mother had to sit in a hard and very uncomfortable chair for over an hour because the radiologist wanted to go home early.

it’s ticking me immediately when I try to tear the paper towel off the roll and it doesn’t tear properly and I only have 1/2 or 1/3 of the paper towel left! It’s funny how we can send satellites into space or build autonomous vehicles, but not make good paper towels that don’t fail!

I’m marked that we have to wait for the “crackdown” to see any form of traffic enforcement. Maybe more time spent enforcing the law means less time notifying loved ones that their family is dead. Now all we need is for our local LEOs to stop breaking traffic rules and start obeying them! Just because you’re driving in the left lane doesn’t mean you’re picking up speed. Why did we pass the Distracted Driving Act only to have it ignored?

I’m marked because the Home Health Agency sent a male physiotherapist! I am a woman in her 80s! I don’t feel comfortable with a man in my bedroom doing physical therapy! Then when my daughter calls, instead of just assigning a female physical therapist, they ask my daughter if I’ve dated him and even give him a chance? Yes, I tried two sessions and it was creepy and I was uncomfortable! I deserve to be treated with respect and dignity! I don’t have to explain! And my daughter doesn’t have to explain for me!

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