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How many highway Do crashes happen because drivers suddenly slow down from 70 mph to 20 mph to look at the stopped car from the side or at the scene of the crash, turning hundreds of speeding cars into potential bumper cars with slamming brakes?

You noticed the influence of celebrity Jersey Mike spokesman Danny DeVito advertising “freshly sliced” meat when every Subway store now spends $6,000 on a commercial slicer and puts a neon “Now Slicing” sign in the window?

Complain about sales manager that he is “too pushy” and his sales manager will reward him with a lunch card or gift certificate, because every pushy sales manager knows that for every complaint he will receive 10 more sales than the good guys.

entrance and exit The burger menu has 12 items, including drinks, so the diner is constantly moving. Burger King… wait, I’m still counting and deciding while the drivers behind me in the lane are honking.

I’m marked that so many people are so confused by the self pay gas station. Can’t remember four numbers?

I’m marked that a neighbor’s sidewalk has been littered with yard debris for so long that it is now a completely dry fire hazard zone. They should tie him up or put him in the trash cans! Why didn’t our HOA pit bull do anything about the unsightly mess?

I accidentally admire and enjoy the work of Mayim Bialik! Ryan Secrest seems to be loyal to no one and is too flashy. I wonder if he has any high-ranking relatives helping him? I don’t understand why Wil didn’t put Jim Thornton as host, he has an amazing voice, besides good looks, and he seems competent. I’ll be glad when Pat and his do-nothing daughter are gone; I just hope they do right with Vanna who has been loyal, competent and caring all these years.

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Thanks and God blessings to the couple who paid for my husband and my meal at Longhorn Steakhouse on Douglas Road.

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