Organizers and attendees of the Orlando children’s festival are trying to beat the heat in Central Florida

ORLANDO, Florida. – This morning, in the shadow of Lake Eola Park, the first children’s festival in Orlando took place. “I think it’s great,” said Elise Hanson, a mother from Orlando who came to the event, “we were looking for something to do today and it’s nice to get it out of the house and see something new.”

The event featured vendors, inflatables, face painting, entertainment, games, food trucks, and gifts. The organizers said that all registered children will receive a free gift bag.

Organizers of the Orlando Children’s Festival said they hope to make the event an annual tradition. “I think it’s important that everything is centered around children,” said organizer Keziah Malcom.

Due to high temperatures in Orlando over the weekend, organizers have taken steps to keep attendees cool. “I have a cooler full of water, I have seen people with coolers full of water. We wanted to have cooling fans, but didn’t have time to implement it,” said Malcolm.

Visitors also tried to wait out the heat. “Well, you see, I have my sunglasses, I also have my umbrella, and the breeze is blowing today, so everything should be fine,” said visiting grandmother Sherry Hines.

Experts say getting into a cool place, sipping water, and wearing a wet cloth over your head can help bring your body temperature down if you’re feeling too hot. Emergency workers say it’s important to stay hydrated, especially on a hot weekend like this one.

“Sports drinks, electrolytes don’t replace them as quickly as possible,” said one of the central Florida ER doctors, “you don’t want to just take a full solid drink and mix it in half, but again, just be careful, once you get thirsty, that’s the first state of dehydration.”

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