Palm Harbor Neighbors Concerned About Nebraska Avenue Project

Pinellas County, Florida. Pinellas County is working on a road improvement project on Nebraska Avenue in Palm Harbor.

This project is still in development, but the county said the project will improve the driveway, drainage, and sidewalks along Nebraska Avenue.

Residents are dissatisfied with the proposed plans for the project and have created a petition against it, which has already garnered hundreds of signatures.

The county said one of the proposed improvements to this project is the inclusion of a 10-foot-wide multi-use trail on the north side of Nebraska Avenue. This part of the project is indeed controversial among residents. People fear the construction of the trail will cut down trees on Nebraska Avenue.

“The trees are part of the atmosphere. We moved here to a beautiful residential street with an old shed feel,” said neighbor Steve Ehlers.

In addition to the fear of losing trees, residents are also concerned about safety.

“We have little kids coming in from elementary school on the 15th and also from middle school trying to cross the road. This is a dangerous situation,” said Ada Henderson.

Henderson works as a teacher in Palm Harbor. Her biggest concern is the safety of students who walk to school.

While the county said the project aims to make the route safer for children, Henderson believes it will do the opposite.

“People are not safe on this road. If they do anything else, I’m afraid they’ll do worse, I’m afraid the kids will get hit by the wheels,” Henderson said.

Pinellas County released the following statement:

“The Nebraska Avenue roadway improvement project is still in its early design stages. The design has changed significantly since it was first conceived, especially with respect to the preservation of the trees. Our goal is to make the route safer for schoolchildren and other walkers, improve drainage, and maintain the charm of the community. We are reviewing comments received from residents during the project information meeting in February and in the following months, and we will continue to actively engage with the community.”

Click here review the project plans.

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