Polk County family desperate to find missing loved one

Eight weeks ago, a woman went missing in Auburndale, and her family is now working with the group to conduct a search.

OBURNDALE, Florida. A Polk County family is desperate to find their loved one. Tonya Whipp, 38, from Auburndale, disappeared eight weeks ago.

The Auburndale Police are looking for leads as to where she might be. Whipp was last seen on May 26th. Since then, her sister Jenny Shelton has not heard from her.

“She always contacted me. We always stayed in touch,” Shelton explained.

It’s been quiet for a few weeks now. Searches were carried out in the community, but no leads for investigators. Leading the effort to find Whipp are investigators from the Auburndale Police Department.

“She disappeared and we don’t have any physical evidence,” said Auburndale Police Chief Terry Storey.

Storey said Whipp lived with her boyfriend in Auburndale. He said he was the last person to see Whipp on May 26 before he left for work.

“He came home early the next morning and she was gone,” Storey said.

Storey said there was no indication that the two were in a fight. Another man lives with them, and Storey said that he did not have any information for the police. Tony’s car and dog were left at home.

“We have no evidence that she was harmed. We only know that she has gone missing,” Storey said.

This means there are no suspects or persons of interest. The police are tracking Whipp’s phone and credit cards.

“Waiting for data from search warrants means we need records. It’s a waiting game,” Storey explained.

Meanwhile, the Whipp family is asking for your help.

“If you know something, please just call. We want to find my sister,” Shelton added.

If you know anything, you can contact the Auburndale Police or the Hartland Crime Squad.

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