Pregnant python found in Florida Everglades with over 60 eggs

A massive Burmese python found in the Florida Everglades was pregnant with more than 60 eggs, according to the person who caught it.

The nearly 16-foot python was found by the Martin County Wildlife Capture and Rescue Department, which wrote a Facebook post last week detailing the capture.

The snake was found with the help of a dog named Otto who was sniffing pythons.

“Here is one of the largest pregnant pythons that Otto found for me this nesting season. It was nearly 16 feet long and contained over 60 eggs that were laid just a few days before they were laid in our Everglades,” the Facebook post reads. “Such removal is absolutely necessary for our native wildlife in this ecosystem and WILL make a difference.”

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said the snakes have no natural predators, but they can consume a variety of mammals and reptiles, including alligators.

Because of this, the Burmese python can wreak havoc on Florida’s ecosystem.

Florida people are encouraged to hunt pythons – you can win up to $10,000 in the FWC’s annual “Florida Python Challenge”.

The challenge encourages residents to take online python hunting training courses, with a grand prize given to whoever kills the most pythons.

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