‘Reckless’: Pinellas man gets 45 years for crash that kills couple on tandem bike

PINELLAS COUNTY, Florida (TodayNews) — Janine Dorsey and Peter Yor loved to ride tandem bikes together. They called it “Pineapple Express” because of the yellow color.

On May 11, 2021, the couple were riding on the Pinellas Trail and were hit by a car that rolled onto the bike path.

On Friday, a Pinellas County judge sentenced Cory Corrado, 33, to 45 years in prison for the accident.

The state presented evidence showing that Corrado has a long criminal record for theft and drug use. He was released from prison just five months before the accident.

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The state says he was high on methamphetamine on the day of the crash and was accelerating aggressively through traffic, wiggling in and out of cars on Keystone Road before crashing into another car. The car overturned and crashed into Dorsey and Yor, killing them instantly.

Corrado pleaded guilty to avoid trial. At Friday’s sentencing hearing, Dorsey’s daughter told the court how much she misses her mother.

“There are many things we still need my mom for. My sister got married this summer. I won’t have a mom there when I finally become the Doctor,” said Kelly Dorsey.

Sister Yore told the court that her brother was a good man.

“Peter was a helper, a giver, a friend, a person who is ready to help anyone,” said Gene Stromeyer.

Corrado took the stand and publicly apologized for his actions for the first time.

“If you kick down my door in the middle of the night, I will kill you in the cemetery,” Sheriff Judd says after breaking into the Polk Co. home.

“That’s not what I meant. I’m sorry. My mother doesn’t have to apologize, it’s me who apologizes,” Corrado said.

Judge Joseph Belone then sentenced Corrado to 45 years in prison, calling his actions on the day of the accident “reckless”.

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