“Replacing History with Lies”: Vice President Harris denounces Florida’s new standards for teaching black history

JACKSONVILLE, Florida (TodayNews) — Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Florida at the last minute on Friday to denounce the state’s new standards for teaching black history in public schools, saying she is “deeply concerned” that the state is “replacing history with lies.”

The visit was the result of a stormy board meeting in Orlando on Wednesday. The Florida Board of Education has approved new standards for teaching African American history in Florida public schools.

The standards were approved to the booing of the crowd that formed at the meeting. State officials say the lesson plans reveal the “good, the bad, and the ugly” of African American history.

Critics go on to single out a portion of the standards that include instructions on “how slaves developed skills that in some cases could be applied to their personal gain.” Ed’s board officials said the lessons would not include the benefits of slavery, despite wording in the standards.

“I was just shocked that in 2023 someone would say something like we learned something from slavery. Of course we did. We realized that we never want to be enslaved and don’t want to be told what to do,” said State Rep. Diane Hart.

Hart applauded the vice president’s efforts, saying, “It shows you that Florida is important and that this topic is critical, not just to Florida, but to the entire country.”

Gov. Ron DeSantis tweeted about Wednesday’s visit. Reassuring in 2024 claim that the VP is “lying” about Florida’s new standards to cover up an “indoctrination program”.

Meanwhile, Democrats say the governor is trying to turn the script around.

“The idea that it’s part of their agenda to move away from any kind of indoctrination, but still what they’re promoting is the epitome of indoctrination,” State Senator Shevrin Jones said.

There was more than one reason for the visit, and that was to show the state’s Democrats that the White House stood by them ahead of the 2024 election.

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