Rising temperatures mean rising utility bills for most of us

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. – As we reach record high temperatures, you can plan your electricity bills to reach record levels as well. News4JAX talks to people about their bills and what they expect.

The people at the new JEA headquarters told us about their account. Everyone has said their bills have gone up, or expect them to go up, and some are very worried.

“I’m already worried about it, it’s just going to increase,” said JEA client Jody Ransome.

JEA, like other utilities, has programs to help keep costs down.

“There are several ways we help clients get their deposits back faster. We help them secure their payments. We have waived credit card fees. We have also worked with a number of local nonprofits to help those clients who need it most,” said JEA’s Karen McAllister.

But you may be ready for a shock when you open your upcoming account. Here is just one example from a JEA client. They paid $179 in April and their latest bill jumped to $309.

One recommendation to cut costs is to increase the thermostat temperature to 78 degrees. But a lot of people tell us it’s too uncomfortable, and some News4JAX viewers like Emma say they get tense.

“I live in a mobile home, and when the sun hits it, it becomes unbearable. Our account has grown by $100 since the beginning of the summer,” wrote Emma.

JEA says that while bills may seem higher now, it could have been worse. The fuel fee, the monthly fee we pay for generating electricity, is actually lower now than at the same time last year.

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