Severe storms in South Florida disrupt air travel, leaving thousands without power

FORT LAUDERDALE — Summer storms swept through South Florida on Sunday, bringing torrential rains and gusty winds that cut power for some, cut off air travel for weekend commuters and downed trees in areas like Coral Springs and South Miami.

More than 4,300 people were left without power as of 9:00 pm Sunday, according to the FPL, as severe weather spread across the region.

In addition to storm damage and power outages, the stormy weather caused problems with flights.

“The flight was delayed, it was supposed to take off at 4:15, but it was changed to 6:55, then it went to 7:55 and so on, and then they said it was delayed,” traveler Keith Sibley said. “I mean cancelled.”

“The weather has started to change and now we’re here until midnight and missed our connection in Atlanta, so I’m not going to Birmingham tonight,” said Mark Phillips.

“It was delayed twice,” Shamara Calhoun said. “The first time they notified us, and the second time I got here and they said it wouldn’t be here, maybe after 11.”

Dozens of travelers at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport were disappointed that their flights were either canceled or delayed.

“Coming out of vacation, I was absent for a week. I’m ready to go home,” said Tim Morris.

“We have dogs in kennels that are being taken away, we have work to be back by tomorrow, it’s just very frustrating,” said Gregory Soldorfen.

“A little upset because I didn’t know anything until I got here,” Calhoun said.

“I have to go to work in the morning, and now I can’t do it,” said Christina Roik.

Many travelers have been forced to either wait hours for their next flight or book hotels due to rainy weather.

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