“She kept saying, ‘Am I going to die? »: Witnesses testify in a murder trial involving St. Augustine teenagers.

Anfernie Wilson is charged with the shooting and murder of 16-year-old Sydney Rounsville and 21-year-old Kyle Stein.

ST. Augustine, Florida. The murder trial of a man accused of killing a 16-year-old girl and her boyfriend began in St. John’s County on Tuesday.

Anfernie Wilson is charged with the murders of Sidney Rounceville and Kyle Stein.

The shooting took place in an apartment building in October 2020. There were several witnesses who live nearby.

Relatives of the two people who were shot overheard several people retelling the story of what happened before their death.

“I thought it was kids playing,” said Tara Shields, who lives in the Florida Club condominiums. “I heard tires screeching.”

Shields quickly discovered that those sounds in the parking lot of apartment buildings were not children’s play when she heard a car accident.

“I heard this sound like pop, pop, pop, pop, pop,” Shields said.

Shields, a registered nurse, said she stayed with Rounceville after the shooting.

“She kept saying, ‘Am I going to die? I will die?” She then looked up and asked, “Where’s Kyle, is he all right?” I’m like, “He’s fine, he’s fine.” We’re trying to keep her alive,” Shields said.

Shields was one of several witnesses who heard and saw things that they said stuck in their memory.

“I heard that whoever was in the truck wanted her mom,” witness Fay Kenny said.

Stein died that night, and Rownsville died the next day.

Both the prosecution and the defense agree that the shooting occurred during a marijuana drug deal.

Wilson is blamed for their deaths, and the state’s attorney claims he had a chance to think before pulling the trigger.

“He was after them,” Assistant State’s Attorney Kenneth Mark Johnson said. “He had the opportunity to think about what he was going to do, and after Kyle crashed his truck, he did it.”

Wilson’s lawyer claims he fired the shot in self-defense after he saw Stein reach for something on the floorboard.

“I believe the evidence will show, ladies and gentlemen, that Anferni Wilson only fired his weapon because a truck was driving straight at him and he was acting in self-defense,” Wilson’s prosecutor Daniel Hernandez said.

Wilson faces two first-degree murder charges that carry a life sentence.

The trial will continue on Wednesday.

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