Storms are moving inland this afternoon

TAMPA, Florida (TodayNews) – Overall, the chance of rain today is lower than in the last few days, at only 30%. There may be some spot rain this morning, but most of the rain this afternoon is coming east of I-75. The evening rain subsides before sunset.

It will be a sweltering day with highs below 90 and heat index values ​​reaching 100+ within a few hours.

Tomorrow the rain pattern will change a bit. The first showers form west of I-75 around noon as sea breezes blow in from the Gulf of Mexico. In the afternoon, watch out for stronger storms in the center of the state, where sea breezes collide with Atlantic breezes.

Expect an even hotter day tomorrow with highs in the mid 90s.

A tropical wave off the east coast of Florida will increase the chance of rain later in the week. Storms that form in the afternoon will head towards the Gulf of Mexico and we hope this will bring some drought relief to the coastline.

The chance of rain increases to 60% on Friday and Saturday due to tropical humidity.

There is a tropical wave in the tropics off the coast of Florida, but there is only a 20% chance of it developing. The probability of another tropical wave is only 10%.

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