The 7-foot sculpture submerged to rest at the Lady Fortune shipwreck at Pompano Beach’s unique underwater cultural arts park.

POMPANO BEACH, Florida. (TodayNews) — A 7-foot sculpture that graced Pompano Beach’s public arts program last year was sunk 100 feet into the stern of the Lady Luck wreck on Wednesday.

Lady Luck, a 324-foot tanker deliberately sunk on July 23, 2016, serves as an artificial reef located 1.5 miles offshore Pompano Beach.

The placement of the sculpture on Lady Luck marks another addition to Florida’s artificial reef system and complements the Shipwreck Park, a unique underwater cultural park that includes a shipwreck and 16 other wrecks teeming with marine life.

The ship serves as the centerpiece of the Shipwreck Park, offering visitors an easily accessible dive site with rotating underwater art exhibits and exciting underwater events. It has become one of the most famous diving sites in the country.

Commissioned by the city of Tyler FuQua Creations, Inc., a team of artists based in Portland, Oregon designed and produced the sculpture specifically for her final resting place on Lady Luck.

The addition of sculpture to the Shipwreck Park further solidifies Pompano Beach’s reputation as a center for art and marine conservation, attracting both local and international tourists looking for a unique diving experience amidst stunning underwater art and thriving marine ecosystems.

For more information on the Shipwreck Park, click here.

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