The epic sci-fi series Foundation returns with asymmetrical warfare for its second season on Apple TV Plus.

Sometimes you feel like you just want to get away from it all, but when a fun vacation isn’t possible.

A good TV show where you can immerse yourself in is the best thing! The epic sci-fi series Foundation is back!

And the actors tell Deku that the show is even bigger than before.

Let me remind you that these interviews were made before the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Lee Pace (as Brother Day): “The Empire breathes respect, it demands it for its life. The Foundation is a threat to me.

Jared Harris (as Hari Seldon): “If there’s a war…”

Lee Pace (as Brother Day): “Seldon!”

Jared Harris (as Hari Seldon): “We will win.”

War brewing in Season 2 of Foundation

David S. Goyer: “That’s what Season 2 is about, an asymmetrical war between, you know, this brave little scientific community at the edge of the galaxy and the big bad Empire.”

Lou Llobell (as Gaal Dornik): “Despair, death, destruction. It’s even bigger than the last crisis.”

The actors say that this time the series is bigger and better.

Jared Harris: “You can’t do something like this without having high expectations because the bar for storytelling a big event has been raised so high.”

Lou Llobell: “The visuals are stunning when you watch this and they are incredible, enjoyable, wonderful, brilliant and just top it all off in such a beautiful way.”

Jared Harris (as Hari Seldon): “We fight for peace.”

Lee Pace: “I think the series is full of thought experiments, little mysteries about different aspects of our earthly life. and the one that is sort of handed to me is the one that concerns inherited power, inherited power in the hands of aggressive men.”

Lee Pace (as Brother Day): “We’re taking over the planet!”

You can watch Foundation on Apple TV Plus, and once again, the interviews were done before the SAG-AFTRA strike.

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