The investigation continues after a woman’s body was found in 3 suitcases near Delray Beach.

DELRAEY BEACH, Florida. – A mysterious and shocking discovery led to a death investigation.

The woman’s remains were found in three separate suitcases floating in the water in Delray Beach on Friday.

“This is the first suitcase, and the second and third suitcases were found relatively close to Southeast Seventh Avenue,” the Delray Beach police sergeant said. Casey Kelly.

Detectives are focused on a large number of areas.

Delray Beach Police responded to the 1,000 Block Palm Trail on Friday after someone reported seeing something strange on the coast.

“Within hours of the initial call, two other suitcases were found,” Delray Beach Police Chief Russ Mager said. “We were able to determine that the remains in the two suitcases were in fact human remains, and all three suitcases were found to be the same person.”

The other two suitcases were located near Southwest Seventh Avenue and Casuarina Road.

The victim is described as a white or Hispanic woman with brown hair, about 5 feet 4 inches tall.

She may have had tattooed eyebrows and mid-thigh black shorts.

Authorities also released a photo of the floral print top she was wearing.

“The brand of the floral print top is Betzabe, which we believe is unique – as far as we can tell, (it’s) a Brazilian company,” Kelly said.

It’s part of the puzzle for detectives who believe she was thrown into the water between Monday, July 17th and early Thursday morning, July 20th.

What happened and why is still a mystery.

“We have a great team working together,” Kelly said. “We are asking for the public’s help to reach more potential customers.”

Anyone with information is strongly encouraged to contact the Delray Beach Police Department at 561-243-7888.

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