Thieves stole 10-year-old Florida boy’s water cooler, but not his giving spirit: “Work for your dreams”

ORLANDO, Florida. – A 10-year-old boy offered free water in his neighborhood out of the goodness of his heart. Then someone stole his cooler and he saw it all unfold on his mom’s doorbell camera.

“Sometimes I usually check to see if anyone is taking water, so I looked over there and didn’t see a cooler,” Greshaun Dabrezil said on FOX 35 Good Day Orlando on Wednesday morning. “I check my mom’s phone, I go to the camera app and I see people in the van. They took the fridge.”

The theft happened last Friday.

After FOX 35 aired a story about Dabrezil’s experience earlier this week, several viewers reached out to please him. Among them were Danny and Diane Adams, as well as another man who asked not to be named.

“Well, we didn’t like it. So we did something about it,” said Danny Adams.

The community gave Dabrezil two brand-new water coolers, several crates of water bottles, and even a gift card so he can keep stocking up on water.

“I feel good because they help people, just like me,” he said.

Greshawn’s mother, Greta, joined her son at Good Day Orlando and talked about his generous spirit.

“I always enjoy seeing him do great things,” she said. “In the third grade, his teacher always said: “I love your son. He always helps out in class.”

Greshaun, the leader of his church’s children’s ministry, said he wants to be a surgeon when he grows up as another way to continue helping people.

He shared a message with other kids who might also want to contribute to their community: “Keep pushing, work for your dreams and for the kids – little kids but big dreams,” he said.

Dabrezil said he plans to continue offering free water in front of a tree at his home, but will also install a second cooler at the end of the block.

I hope no one stole his cooler this time.

“Not this time,” his mother Greta said.

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