Three suspects hope to get out of jail after a 2021 mass shooting that killed an officer in Kendall.

Three men hope to get out of jail after being arrested for the 2021 mass shooting that killed three in Kendall, including one officer.

Arthur’s hearings began on Monday against Jeremy Emmanuel Devine, Willie Lee Thomas and Melchelzadek Jacory Matthews.

The men face murder charges for the 2021 shooting that took place outside the Hookah Inn during a prom in Kendall. Among the three killed were William Everett Jr., Jahem Zeigler and corrections officer Tayleisha Taylor.

All three co-defendants face three charges of second-degree murder, four attempted first-degree murders, and conspiracy to commit murder on first-degree charges.

The men are being held without bail, but they hope Judge Lodi Jean will give them the opportunity to wait at home for trial.

The State Attorney’s Office wants the judge to keep them in jail.

Angelica Dolan, lead investigator on the case, was called to testify today. Dolan showed the judge a surveillance video allegedly showing the suspects fleeing the crime scene.

Defense lawyers say there is not enough evidence to support that their clients shot.

“Three people needlessly died from firearms,” ​​said prosecutor Richard Dokobo, representing Matthews. “The tragedy should not be aggravated by blaming an innocent person for a crime.”

Arthur’s hearing is expected to continue on Tuesday.

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