Tips to Get the Best Back to School Shopping Deals

HILLSBORO COUNTY, Florida (TodayNews) – Florida has begun a back-to-school sales tax holiday. What better way to get kids excited about the school year than shopping for new things?

It can be expensive, but a tax-free vacation in Florida can save you money from Monday, July 24th to Sunday, August 6th.

Tampa Bay Moms Group founder Steffany Rodriguez-Neely has some advice.

“One of my favorite things is that many of the apps have scanning capability and you can compare prices right in the store,” said Rodriguez-Neely.

Return-to-School Sales Tax Vacation Begins in Florida

As a mother of five and a devoted foster mother, Rodriguez-Nili went shopping at school on numerous occasions.

Knowing full well that folders, notebooks, and other school supplies under $50 could be purchased tax-free for the next two weeks, she asked to wait.

“They are hard to find because everyone has the same general list and everyone in the same class is hunting for the same items, which may not even be necessary,” Rodriguez-Nili said. “You can find these items easier and maybe even cheaper in a week or two.”

Clothing, shoes, and accessories worth $100 or less are also part of the tax holiday, but Rodriguez-Neely even has hacks for shopping for these items.

“If you check those racks where they move their summer clothes to bring in fall and winter clothes that we don’t necessarily need, you’ll also find some good deals on the racks.”

Now is the best time to earn cashback points.

Some electronics under $1,500 are part of this tax credit. Rodriguez-Neely said you can find out who’s creating the best deals this tax-free holiday season by signing up for email at a local or online electronics store.

A new thing to look out for this year is the exemption from taxes on teaching aids such as blackboards as well as puzzles.

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