Tom Cruise surprised fans at the screening of the new “Mission: Impossible” at AMC Sunset Place.

SOUTH MIAMI, Florida. (TodayNews) — Tom Cruise’s mission to promote his latest action movie across the country, and he chose to embrace it, took him to South Florida.

Cruz pulls off all sorts of crazy stunts in Mission: Impossible – Death Wage Part One, the seventh installment in the franchise, but the best of them came on Tuesday night when he surprised fans at a screening of the film at AMC Sunset Place.

The Oscar nominee, who turned 61 earlier this month, was accompanied by his Dead Reckoning director Christopher McQuarrie.

Announcer: “Please welcome the film’s director and screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie and Ethan Hunt himself, actor and producer Tom Cruise.”

Christopher McQuarrie: “We’ve been making films together for 16 years. Wrote it, sent it. That’s why my hair is this color. He tried to kill me several times, but I lived to see this point, so it’s not bad. I have plans for the future.”

As for Cruz, he even stopped by to chat with some of the fans in attendance, signing autographs and taking selfies.

A mobile phone video captured a fan’s interaction with an A-lister.

“We’ve been fans of you since Risky Business,” said a fan.

“Thank you,” Cruz replied.

Mission Complete.

Mission: Impossible – Death Wages Part One is out in theaters now.

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