TPA leaders want you to contribute to future plans

There will be a public meeting at the airport tonight.

TAMPA, Florida — Today is your chance to join the conversation about future plans for Tampa International Airport. It seems that now every time you arrive at the airport, something new happens.

The airport has seen several major upgrades over the past few years to make it more convenient for travelers, and that’s not all.

This includes a new airside terminal called Airside D. This will allow the airport to serve nearly 10 million people a year. It will have 3 levels and 16 gates. It is expected to be completed in 2027 and open to passengers in 2028.

Plans also include expanding the baggage claim area in the main terminal and refurbishing the ticket office on the second floor. VP of Development Geoff Siddle says the main reason they need to constantly upgrade the airport is to keep up with growth.

“One of the requirements the FAA has for every airport is that you have to update your master plans every 5 to 7 years,” Siddle said. “And so in this process, we are looking at a 20-year campus perspective and the requirements for our campus. We are looking at our campus, our facilities and that we need to be able to adjust to the growth of the region. So we evaluate ourselves on these three levels of planning.”

TPA executives will also showcase their plans up until 2042, when they predict the airport will serve 39 million people a year.

Tonight you will be able to ask questions and contribute by seeing these plans. The public meeting will take place at 6:00 pm on the third floor of the main TPA terminal, between the shuttle stations for areas E and F. You can park for free in the long-term garage if you are traveling to the meeting. It will also be on Zoom if you can’t get there.

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