two arrested after capsizing near Pelican Harbor marina; Police say the suspects fled from a bus stop in the village of North Bay.

NORTH BAY, VILLAGE, Florida. (TodayNews) — Police have taken two people into custody following a violent rollover that occurred overnight near the Pelican Harbor Marina in Miami.

The accident occurred at the John F. Kennedy Dam, where the vehicle flipped upside down and caught fire shortly before 4 a.m. Sunday, investigators said.

Police said the accident occurred as the driver of a black Kia fled from an attempt to stop traffic in the village of North Bay. However, there was no speed chase.

Both passengers of the car fled on foot after the accident.

Cameras caught police pulling the man out of the water shortly after the crash. He was detained along with the passenger of the car.

No injuries were reported.

A tow truck took the Kia away from the scene after experts at the crime scene collected evidence from the car.

North Bay Village police later identified the driver as 24-year-old Kenny Collins and the passenger as 20-year-old Elijah Moore. They are charged with resisting arrest, running away and hiding from police.

An investigation led to the closure of the harbor’s boat ramp, but it has since reopened to the public.

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