Two women are injured in a shootout in St. Petersburg while driving

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida — The St. Petersburg Police Department (SPPD) said they are looking for people involved in the shootout early Monday morning near South 23rd Street, just five minutes south of Tropicana Field.

Christiane Dixon showed us the hole in her car window that she said the bullet went through.

“It was scary. I’ve never experienced anything like it,” Dixon said.

The SPPD said the bullet hit Dixon’s friend in the shoulder.

Dixon told us that the bullet had grazed her forehead, but the police said her wounds were actually caused by broken glass.

“I did not know. I kind of turned black. And when I came to my senses, then I heard my sister call my name and everyone calls my name. Then I heard the roar of the police, the sirens and the like,” Dixon said.

Dixon and her friend were caught in the crossfire.

“I can’t believe this happened. Not for me. I hear about it, but I’m actually in it. It’s a lot. This is crazy,” Dixon said.

It could have been a lot worse for people living in apartments, as most people were asleep during this time.

One woman told us that a bullet hit her closet next to her bed.

“It was scary when you didn’t know what was going on,” said local resident Charles Rawls.

Rawls said more than 30 shots appeared to have been fired.

“It was crazy. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t go out until the police arrived,” Rawls said.

Dixon said she had a bad headache and her injured friend had an operation and everything would be fine.

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