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Which hydrojacket is better?

Water is needed. When you are running or hiking where space is limited and there is no available source of fresh water to hydrate your body, you need to bring a supply of water with you. This is the main purpose of hydrojackets.

The best hydration vests are durable, have a snug fit, and allow you to carry an ample supply of water with you. The Nathan Pinnacle 12L Hydration Vest is a top-of-the-line vest with a sleek design and an insulated bladder that allows you to carry 1.6 liters of water on your adventures.

What you need to know before buying a hydrojacket

How a hydrojack works

A hydration vest is a lightweight vest that you wear when you’re doing physical activity—like walking, running, kayaking, or biking—for an extended period of time. The vest has several pockets that can hold water bottles, a water bladder, food and essentials (phone, wallet, keys, etc.). While you stow water bottles and fuel in the front pockets for quick access, you carry a water bladder on your back. The water bladder has a convenient drinking tube that allows you to take a quick sip when you feel thirsty.

Benefits of a hydration vest

With a hydrojacket, you don’t have to interrupt your activity to unpack and open your water bottle. If the tube is placed right next to your mouth, you will drink more often, which will help you stay hydrated. A hydration vest also makes it easier to carry more water and allows you to keep your hands free so you can better navigate difficult terrain.

What to look for when choosing a quality waterproof jacket


In general, you should drink half a liter to a full liter of water for every hour of physical activity. When shopping for a hydration vest, look for one that can hold enough water to keep you adequately hydrated.

Lightweight, durable and comfortable

The vest should be lightweight, durable and comfortable. The best ones are made with sweat-wicking, breathable fabric that will stand up to harsh conditions.

Isolated bladder

If you prefer cold water, look for a hydration vest with an insulated bladder. Realize, however, that even the best will not keep the water cold when you are in the sun for several hours.

Reflective markings

For safety reasons, it is always wise to purchase a vest with reflective markings to make it easier to see you in low light. Choosing a bright color that stands out from the environment during the day is also smart because it makes you easier to find.

Additional storage space

In addition to water, you may need food, a smartphone, keys, ID, and more. If so, look for a hydration vest with extra storage.


Some hydration vests have places for trekking poles, while others have a built-in emergency whistle. Sometimes these minor aspects clearly make one vest better than all the others.

How much can you spend on a hydration vest

A budget hydration vest can cost as little as $25. You need to be careful when purchasing them because they may not be of a solid construction. At a high level, you can spend up to $200 on a branded vest.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hydration Vest

How should a hydrojacket fit?

A. The vest must fit snugly against the body. You don’t want it to slide or bounce when you move because that will cause chafing. It should provide a good fit when you tighten the adjustable straps about half way – this gives you room to adjust anyway as needed. However, be careful if you buy a vest that is too tight, as it can interfere with the deep breathing needed during exercise.

Do hydration vests come with a bladder?

A. Some do. Read the description to see if the vest you are considering comes with a bladder. While finding and buying a hydration bladder is not difficult, some of them can cost as much as an inexpensive hydration vest.

What is the best waterproof vest to buy?

Upper vest

Water vest Nathan Pinnacle 12L

Our opinion: This high quality hydration vest features an elegant design and a 1.6 liter bladder.

What we like: Its insulated bubble helps keep water cold longer. It has eight pockets so you can also take your food and other essentials with you. Reflective details improve visibility in low light. Moisture-wicking fabric wears like a shirt.

What we don’t like: It’s a bit pricey.

Where can I buy: Available in the backcountry

The best vest for the money

Vest CamelBak Circuit Run

Our opinion: If you’re looking for a compact, affordable vest that still delivers high quality, this is a good choice.

What we like: It is made from micro-mesh fabric that provides multi-directional airflow for maximum comfort. There’s a zippered pocket for storing a small item like a phone, while drawstring pockets provide quick access to food. You can adjust the chest straps up or down for a personalized fit.

What we don’t like: It doesn’t offer much room to pack anything other than a bladder and a few small essentials. While this may be a disadvantage for some, it is a blessing for others.

Where can I buy: Available at Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Worth checking out

Ultimate Direction Adventure 5.0 Hydration Vest

Our opinion: This lightweight vest offers an impressive 17 liters of total storage.

What we like: The versatile design of this hydration vest has 13 storage pockets as well as loops for trekking poles. It has a built-in rain cover to keep your gear dry and a tilt-top bottle for easier drinking. The front zip pockets are large enough to fit a large mobile phone.

What we don’t like: With roomy volume, this vest is more suitable for hiking than running.

Where can I buy: Available on Amazon and Backcountry

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