WATCH: Bear stuck in car in South Lake Tahoe

LAKE TAHO. Incredible video shows how a bear got stuck in a car in South Lake Tahoe.

This bear was able to open the door to get in, and when the door closed behind him, he had no way out.

A trip to Tahoe turned out to be a wild turn for Alejandra Hernandez.

“You always hear about bears breaking into your cars or your cabin, but you just don’t think it’s going to happen to you,” she told CBS Sacramento.

It happened to Hernandez and she caught it all on camera.

“This bear is destroying the inside of my car right now, oh my god,” she said in the video.

Hernandez is a wedding content creator and was at a bachelor party when the content went from celebration to awe.

“I just saw him scratching all around, using his teeth to rip everything off my door,” she said. “I just watched him completely destroy my car.”

The arriving police opened the door with a rope, and the bear ran free. As for the interior of Hernandez’s car, he remained barely recognizable.

The bear left bite marks – and some other marks.

“She just cleans up poop in my car – bear poop. Good job,” Hernandez said of someone helping her clean her car.

Incredibly, Hernandez said her car was still running after that. The Bear League says there are actually 15 to 25 times every day in Tahoe where bears open cars, but usually the doors are left open so the bears can get out on their own.

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