Weak Tropical Disturbance May Bring Warmth to South Florida

The 2023 Atlantic Basin hurricane season continues with more attention-grabbing disturbances, including one that could increase the chance of rain and break South Florida’s extreme heat later this week.

Several hundred miles southwest of Bermuda, a low pressure trough is being monitored. It is moving west to northwest due to high pressure and is expected to head towards the southeast coast of the United States this week.

As of 8 am Tuesday, its development potential is 20%. There will be enough fuel on the way, and the water temperature will exceed 80°F. However, atmospheric conditions, such as wind shear, may contribute little to this.

Whether or not the low pressure trough develops into a tropical depression/storm, it looks like it could bring rain to Florida and help fight the heat wave.

After a month and a half of Miami’s heatwaves of over 100°F, many will likely appreciate the rain-chilled air.

Elsewhere in the Atlantic Basin, heavy rains and gusty winds still make Tuesday less than ideal for some islands in the Lesser Antilles.

The squally weather is the merit of a tropical wave breaking its way from the Atlantic side of the islands into the Caribbean Sea. The wave is unlikely to become better organized as hostile winds in the upper levels are expected to prevent its development.

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