Why fake car seats are dangerous and how to distinguish them

ORLANDO, Florida. “Car crashes are one of the leading causes of injury and death in children, but the right car seat can significantly reduce that risk.

However, hospitals across the country are finding more counterfeit and counterfeit car seats.

While on the road, a car seat is the best way to keep your child safe, but some parents may unknowingly put their child in danger.

“Fake car seats are made from cheaper, less durable materials, and they can’t withstand the force of a crash,” said Courtney Gleaton, injury prevention coordinator at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando.

Many fake car seats bought online are counterfeit and made overseas, so be careful *not* buying them from third parties.

“They are not federally regulated in the US and therefore not safe for your children,” Gleeton said.

And before spending money on a travel system, zoom in on the product image to check the labels.

“All car seats in the US will have labels in English and Spanish, not just pictures of them,” Gleeton said.

If you already have a car seat for your child, check the straps and fasteners, if there are no bottom anchors or a chest clip, it may be fake.

Finally, all federally compliant car seats must state that they meet all applicable U.S. vehicle safety standards.

“If it doesn’t come with a registration card or instructions for using the car seat, that could also indicate it’s fake,” Gleaton said.

And if you’re worried about your car seat, see a trained professional in your area who can make sure your seat is safe.

Studies show that 54 percent of toddlers and 71 percent of infants are less likely to suffer a fatal injury if they are securely secured in a properly fitted car seat.

To find a certified child safety professional in your area, simply go to www.safekids.org.

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