Without insurance coverage, church asks low-income seniors to evacuate Miami facility

MIAMI – Insurance and affordable housing crises have affected more than 50 low-income seniors in the East Little Havana area of ​​Miami.

Belinda Munoz is one of the residents of the Episcopal Church’s Hostel of the Holy Comforter at 190 SW 13 Ave.

Munoz said she recently learned that she must evacuate by October 30.

“My head is like this, with so many things,” Munoz said, adding that she has been under stress ever since she received a letter from the church that attributed the evacuation to an insurance company.

Munoz said the letter informed them that the insurance company believed the facility was nearing the end of its useful life. In a statement, a spokesperson for the institution said the provider had decided not to renew property insurance.

“I think everything is working very well here,” Munoz said.

The church plans to demolish the 1970 building and has promised to build a new “state of the art” facility for low-income seniors.

In the meantime, many fear they will be left homeless and the cost will rise from the current top rate of $900 per month.

A spokesperson for the church did not name an insurance company or whether they were looking for insurance, but said the church provided residents with resources such as a discount at a transportation company. Some residents cannot afford such expenses.

“We are very confused,” Munoz said. “We are very disappointed and don’t know what to do.”

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