Woman Convicted of Killing Lakeland Lottery Winner Abraham Shakespeare Demands New Trial and Accuses Police of Corruption

TAMPA, Florida (TodayNews) — Dee Dee Moore is asking for a new challenge.

Moore made headlines after being convicted of the murder of Lakeland lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare following a trial in 2012.

Shakespeare went from rags to prince after a one-time lottery win of $17 million, but trouble haunted him from the start.

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A colleague claimed that Shakespeare stole the winning ticket from him. He then met Doris Donegan “Dee Dee” Moore.

Moore convinced the illiterate Shakespeare to do business with her. When he disappeared in 2009, Moore soon became a suspect.

His body was later found behind the house, under a freshly poured concrete slab. Moore told reporters at the time that she was innocent.

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“I’m not afraid to go to jail because there is no jury to convict me,” Moore said.

However, the jury found her guilty and she was sentenced to life in prison.

Moore now claims her original defense team did not call key witnesses to exonerate her and did little to work on her case because they were too busy with other people.

“He didn’t defend himself, he didn’t defend himself at all, he was terrible,” Moore said of her original lawyer during Wednesday’s hearing.

She also claims that the Lakeland cops took bribes from drug dealers, which is why she was found guilty of Shakespeare’s murder.

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“They are paid secretly because cocaine dealers can afford it,” Moore said.

However, one of Moore’s early lawyers says that it was she who made their job difficult.

“She was a management problem. It was difficult to have a normal conversation with her,” said Christopher Boldt.

The judge in the case says he will accept the motion for a new trial and issue a written order in the case at another time.

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