Woman escaping soldiers on I-4 pushes her way through traffic and has an accident: FHP

POLK COUNTY, Florida (TodayNews) — A 28-year-old Kissimmee woman faces multiple charges after allegedly fleeing soldiers Tuesday in a multi-county pursuit.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, an Orange County deputy said they were following a stolen Honda CRV that was traveling westbound on Interstate 4.

Around 9 p.m., a driver identified as Natalie Diaz Zayas drove past an FHP soldier in Lakeland and was seen swerving within his lane and crossing the lane. She reportedly continued driving after a soldier turned on the hazard lights and tried to stop her.

One person has died in a shooting at a Walmart store in Florida, the report said.

News Channel 8 received video from the FHP cruiser showing a 20-minute pursuit from Polk County to Hillsborough County.

While in Hillsborough County, the vehicle was seen in and out of traffic, traveling at high speed, nearly hitting other vehicles.

“The vehicle increased its speed by moving without the front passenger wheel, moving only on the rim as it ran away from several marked patrol units with lights and sirens on,” the FHP report said.

The driver was able to get off I-4 onto Columbus Drive in Tampa, then ran a red light, narrowly missing a bus passing through the intersection.

“The suspect then attempted to turn right onto state road 569 at high speed, driving on the wrong side of the road, crashing into another vehicle, and continued to flee the scene,” the report said.

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The vehicle then crashed into a dairy farm fence at the 4200 block of East 19th Avenue.

The video shows Zayas getting out of the stolen car with his hands up.

Source: Florida Highway Patrol.

It looks like she ran and was hit by a soldier.

Zayas faces several charges, including running away at high speed and grand theft of a car.

According to security officials, no charges were brought against the passenger of the car.

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