Yes, weather conditions determine which vehicles are allowed on the beach in St. John’s County.

Weather, stuck cars and tides all play a role in what cars are welcome on St. John’s County beaches on any given day.

ST. JONES COUNTY, Florida. Driving along the beach is part of the charm of some of the beaches in St. John’s County. However, it is safe to say that this is not intended for all vehicles.


Does beach weather determine which cars are allowed on St. John’s County beaches?


  • St. John’s County Beach Services
  • St. John’s County Public Affairs Director Wayne Larson
  • A1A Beach Towing owner Paul Saylor
  • St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office


We can make sure yes, the vehicles allowed on the beach change depending on the conditions.


Wayne Larson County spokesman says there are many factors that influence which cars are welcome on the beach on a given day, and they can vary from one beach access point to another.

“Conditions can change depending on how far the lane is from the water or how many cars can get stuck in the sand,” Larson said. – Number of cars on the beach, people on the beach and weather conditions. All this can comprehensively affect the depth and softness of the sand.”

The county posts daily on Facebook which vehicles are allowed for each hotspot.

This can range from the recommended 4WD to the required 4WD to the complete shutdown of driving.

A1A Beach Towing owner Paul Saylor says the drier it gets, the more towing he gets.

“A busy day, we do 10 to 15 beach trips on a busy day,” Sailor said. “On slow days, we can spend two weeks and do one or two.”

The sailor charges anywhere from $75 towing to $150 depending on how stuck the car is.

A St. Johns County sheriff’s deputy on the beach told First Coast News that they can issue a warning under the county’s beach code to anyone who ignores the conditions and drives a car on the beach that doesn’t fit.

This quote is about $50.

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